Friday, November 9, 2007

La Mer (The Sea)

La Mer (The Sea)
(English Translation of the Song - La Mer by Charles Trenet of France)

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere watching for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms I'd go sailing

It's far beyond the stars
It's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
My love will be there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just like before
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailing

And never again I'll go sailing

La Mer (The Sea) - Charles Trenet (1945) - France

The Sea (A Love Poem)
Mel Avila Alarilla

Ah, the sea. So many happy memories we shared by the sea. We used to play along the shores like little children. We gathered shells and made sand castles as we weaved our dreams by the sea.

We watched the sun set by the sea and we marveled at the sea birds flying all around. And we pledged our undying love by the sands of the sea.

As long as there were sands in the sea, we swore our eternal love for each other.
Nothing could ever separate us, not even time and space.

But you have gone beyond the sea, and I am left alone to wade in the cold waters of the sea. As I watch the setting of the sun, I can feel only the emptiness and sorrow you left in my heart that nobody else can ever fill.

Yes, I am left standing alone by the sea, wandering whether you will still come back to me. The sea. How lonely is the sea. It sings a sad song of emptiness in my heart.

As I retrace my steps back to the shore, I am leaving behind a lonely pair of footprints where before there used to be two. The sea. How lonely is the sea.

It becomes now meaningless without you by my side. And I could feel hot tears of sorrow gliding down my cheeks as I try to drown the deep loneliness welling up inside my soul. The sea. How lonely is the sea.

Posted by Mel Avila Alarilla
Poetry/Literary/Immortal Song/Youtube


Sameera said...

A very lovely and heart-rending post.The rendition of the older poem preceding yours makes it even more lovely.Though of a melcancholy nature,your poem seems more beautiful than the first.

Even if we have to wade alone,the ones who we miss will still wade along by our side.No matter what,the sea carries all the lovely memories and none can take them away from us.Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts.Take care,God Bless.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Thanks Sameera for your comforting words. La Mer is one of my favorite songs and I just posted its English version. My poem is dedicated to my wife who have to work in the US to augment our finances. My poem is an expression of my melancholy of being alone and missing her terribly, especially since I am experiencing excruciating body pain right now. But I leave it all to the grace and mercy of my God. Thanks for being so nice and for your usual visit. Smile always. Have a wonderful and pleasant day.

preetilata said...

wowwwwwww..mel...n so touched by ur post..d song n ur poems both r so soulful that i wnt 2 dedict it 2 all my loved ones.

it's a grt way 2 show ur wife that u love n care 4 her.

u knw i m going thru a vry painful phase of my life n ur poem made 2 think abt....
anyways...u tk cr alwys
:) :) :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Thanks Preetilata for your generous comments and for your visit here. I can sense the sincerity in your comments. I really appreciate that. There are moments that I just have to express what's inside me and blogging afford me that moment. Right now, I am experiencing excruciating pain in my body because of severe scoliosis and I am seriously considering having a blog holiday because it is very painful to remain sitting over a long period of time. It's been more than three weeks that I could scarcely get up and walk and so I'm imprisoned in my house unable to go out. But if my body is hurting and almost incapacitated, my spirit wants to soar and explore new horizons, thus my dilemma whether to continue blogging or take a respite for a while. Each blog that I'm linked with, I used to read in full the articles posted before I make any comment and it's putting too much strain on my body and my eyes. I appreciate each and every blogger that visits my blog and leaves meaningful comments. I pray for everyone who visits my blog.
I know you are in an emotional situation too and I pray that you will get over whatever is bothering you. Thanks for your time and friendship. They are treasures in my heart. Thanks again for visiting me. Smile always. Have a wonderful and pleasant day.

HeiressChild said...

hi mel, i'm sorry to hear about your body being in pain right now. may every abnormal curvature be straightened and may God's supernatural healing be manifested and quickly flow throughout every part of your body, eminating within the tissues, bones, and every fiber of your being.

beautiful poems and i appreciate you sharing thru your comments here your innermost thoughts and feelings. of course we always want God's perfect will for our lives, and i pray God will open doors where your whole family can be together and that the finances will flow abundantly. even as you pray for us, may those blessings be returned unto you and your family in abundance.

thank you for sharing on my blog about your holiday there in april. i like what the philippines call it. take care of yourself mel.

Noushy Syah said...

Hi Mel..
Not only the poem is written nicely but the image is so attractive too..reading it makes me feel as if I am right at this very moment at the beach with the loved one's watching sunset with the sea birds flying all around,pledging our undying love by the sands of the sea....just the way you wrote it!!

It's lovely Mel..all the sweet memories of the sun,sea and sand forever touched my heart with this posting,and I would always want to pledge my love to him again at the sunset beach!:p

Thanks Mel...

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Thanks Heiresschild for your prayers. I really appreciate that as I really need it. I'm sorry that I have to divulge what's happening to me right now but I have to vent my inner feelings. I have no bitterness inside me and I totally respect and trust God that He has something wonderful for me inspite of this severe pain. I just don't use my mind because they dictate all kinds of dire informations to me. I just trust in the unfailing love of the Lord. Right now, I could not even attend our regular Sunday services and it added more to my sufferings since I crave for God's mighty presence during the praise and worship services. I'm like a fish out of water slowly dying physically and spiritually. I am just hanging on to God's mighty promises of healing and deliverance. I'm not afraid to die, it would be heavenly for me to meet my God, but I still have unfinished businesses to take care of, especially my kids to whom I become both father and mother to them since my wife is earnestly working in the US. I'm just offering all that I am undergoing right now as a burnt offering to the Lord. It's been a hellish experience since the day of the floods, the severe financial strains and now this excruciating bodily pain. It's not just one pain but many pains since aside from my scoliosis at my lower back, I suffer severe cramping pain in my guts because of severe hernia and enlarged prostate gland. I was supposed to be operated for my lower back and for my acute hernia and prostate gland and also for enlarged thyroid gland one year ago but I have to forgo all of these so that my wife could proceed with her trip to the US (I was just using her medical insurance). Now these same sicknesses must have caught up with me. My eyesight is also failing because of diabetes and I also have hypertension. It's just by the grace of God that I am still alive right now, for whatever purpose only He knows. I have known how it feels to be at the portals of death so many times that I'm already used to it. I thank God each day that I'm still alive and I savor each and every single moment of my life as though it is the last one. Sorry again that I have to unburden myself to you. I'm more at peace right now. Thanks for your visit and for your concern and prayers. God bless you and your family with the very best in life.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Oh yes Noushy. I know that you are always in love. You have a love blog to prove that. The sea is a wonderful place to be with your loved one. The peace and tranquility of the sea, the waves, the sun, the sand and the flying birds. You can really feel that you are one with nature and what's the better place to renew your vows of love for each other than being at the sea. Nurture your love for each other and always maintain the attitude of "give" more than "get" for each other so that you can both see your relationship grow to a much higher plain. Selfless love is the best love of all for it partakes of the very nature of God's love. Thanks for your visit Noushy and enjoy your life and love while you are still young and alive. Savor each moment that you are together. Thanks for your usual visit. Smile always and have a wonderful and loved filled day.

Miss Kurdapya said...

i didn't know.. you write poems? galing ah! very meaningful!..and soo in love.. :)..bravo! kuya mel!

Sameera said...

Thank you so much Mel,for your extremely thoughtful comment so full of insight.You are right about the childhood loss in relation to death,but trust me,both the stories had nothing to do with it,at least not on my conscious mind.As you would have seen,most posts on my blogs are of an optimistic nature,but once in a while,there has to be a difference or the tone becomes dull and cliched.

Thanks so much for wishing a brighter mindset for me,yes I do need to entirely let go of certain clutters of the past,which thanks to some really kind and caring people in life,I am doing gradually.But still,my life has been quite good overall,by God's grace and I am thankful to Him for that.Take care.God Bless.

P.S.Just to know that my stories are not always along the same lines as the two you have read,please check out these first two short stories of mine when you have time :

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Oh I do write poetry Miss Kurdapya. But I write by inspiration. To God be the glory. I am a voracious reader and a prolific writer. I am even contemplating on having an exclusive literary blog of my own but it may be too taxing for me to do that right now. Anyway, thanks for your usual visit and for your wonderful comments. God bless and do have a wonderful day.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Thanks Sameera for your visit and for your very generous comments. Yes I know that you write to inspire that's why I was encouraging you more along that line. I just noticed the theme in your short stories. Anyway, those are just observations without any factual basis, so just disregard them. Thanks for you return here. I really appreciate that and I do encourage you to write more. You have the mark of a born writer. Your short stories are really very good and have that distinct characteristic that have the marks
of a spellbinding story teller. Thanks again. God bless and have a wonderful and peaceful day.

Arthur said...

Hi Mel, you know, the sea contains lots of memories, lots of childhood moments and moments to be quiet, in peace and why not? to exercise our bodies when we swim in the sea.

Thanks for your post. I've posted my post 100.

Big greetings and big hugs

Sweet Dreams, fromtthe bottom of my heart:

Gusthav said...

You know Mel, I consider the sea as my home, 'cause I like water as my favorite element. I enjoy swimming, collecting shells and making sand castles, even I've made sand tracks, I mean, sand roads to play with toy cars.

I imagine I swim in the deep blue sea with fishes, sea horses, jellyfishes, octopuses, sea stars, and even lobsters, piranhas, whales and SHARKS!

Greetings and hugs

Nice Day, with my whole soul:

Jim said...

u killed my argument for Spirituality via SEX


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Arthur,
Congratulations for your 100th posts. It's really a great milestone in blogging. I always consider you and Gusthav as my friends. Thank you very much for your usual visits to my blog and for the generous comments you always leave behind. I really appreciate that. I know Argentina has also beautiful sea and seashores. We remember good memories of moments by the sea. Thanks again. God bless and have a wonderful and peaceful day.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Arthur,
Congratulations for your 100th posts. It's really a great milestone in blogging. I always consider you and Gusthav as my friends. Thank you very much for your usual visits to my blog and for the generous comments you always leave behind. I really appreciate that. I know Argentina has also beautiful sea and seashores. We remember good memories of moments by the sea. Thanks again. God bless and have a wonderful and peaceful day.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Gusthav,
It's nice to play with sea creatures but please not with sharks or you'll end up in shark belly. He, he, he, *lol* And remember, you're not Jonah. The big fish will not throw you out of his mouth. He will digest each and every delicious morsel of you. He, he, he, *lol* So no playing with sharks. Just play with online video games and beat Arthur. Just kidding kid. Thanks for your usual visit and your kind comments. God bless you and have a wonderful and fun filled day.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You know Jim, my friend, I sense that you are indeed spiritual deep inside, but you are still bothered by attachment to the flesh. Notwithstanding the claim of Tantric Yoga and the great Kama Sutra, man can not have his cake and eat it too. Sex with your loved one with the blessing of God is wonderful, but if one really wants to attain his highest spiritual growth, abstinence or celibacy is still the best and shortest route. Why? Because the creative force lodge in man's libido is transformed to God's higher creative force. I have yet to see a man who indulge in casual sex with so many sexual partners attain a high spiritual growth. If he does, he must be treading the wrong path to perdition. He, he, he, *lol* Thanks for your visit Jim. Have a wonderful and pleasant day.

Anonymous said...

hello tito mel

i think theres a movie same tittle correct me if im wrong? I have a dvd sent by a friend na remember ko bigla..

Hope everything si good with you and your family.

God is good all the time.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Moccalyn,
Thanks for your visit. Yes, there may be a movie taken from this song. It was a very old song in French by Charles Trenet. It was popularized and given an English version by Bobby Darren in the US. But it was bouncy and was rearranged for the dance step swing. I prefer the slow version in French. Thanks for your comments. Have a wonderful day. God bless.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mel - La Mer is beautiful and so is your poem to your wife. That must warm her heart.

We used to have a nurse from the Philippines work in out ER for several years and that is exactly what she was doing. She used to send money back home to her husband and 4 children but they all eventually came here and she went to work in a larger family. I remember one time she told me that she thought American food was boring because she didn't think we use enough spices and she couldn't get over that I don't like coconut in any form. She said she uses it a lot. She was a beautiful woman and she had a pretty name too...Preciosa (I don't know if I spelled that right) and we called her Pressy. :)

Mel I am so sorry that you are in pain. We both need to get laptops! :) I need one because sitting blogging for long periods is causing some circulatory issues (I think so anyway) which I have yet to get checked out.

You know by his stripes you are already healed. Yet there are times he allows us to go through the physical challenges. I pray that you will be healed from on high. I didn't get the results of my renal scan yet, but I will on November 26th. I believe I am healed because I hardly think about it where last fall when the urodoc was clearing me I still felt something was wrong and indeed I did need to get stented again. Hopefully will be healed.

I will pray for you Mel. God bless you and your family. Oh and I blogrolled you and your daughter. :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Seaspray,
Thanks for your visit and for your comforting words and prayers. I really appreciate that. I have monitored before that you also have some health problems and I also pray to the Lord that He will heal you as much as I am praying for myself for His divine healing too. My condition is nothing new to me. It has been recurrent all my life. But it's not all pain. I have my own peaceful periods of painless existence. It is when I witness for the Lord that I encounter these pains. I have done my usual spiritual warfare but I honestly feel there is a higher purpose for these happenings in my life. I just trust the Lord that He will deliver me in His time. Thanks again for the genuine concern and prayers you gave to me. May the good Lord return the blessings and graces abundantly to you. God bless and have a wonderful and peaceful day.

Mississippi Songbird said...

I love to visit the beach.. It is always a thrill when I do..
Great post today. God bless you and your family..
bunches of hugs....

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Mississippi Songbird,
We all love the sea and everything associated with it. There is always fun and frolics by the ea. Thanks for your visit and for your nice comments. Smile always. God bless and have a nice and peaceful day.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Mel. ;)

"Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts" (Hebrews 4:7b)


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