Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life is Ebb and Flow

In Memoriam

Today, February 23, 2009 at exactly 10:00 am, my eldest sister- Lulu died after a lingering coma brought about by a second massive stroke. I am so devastated by her death but I commend her spirit to the Lord. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

" Any man's death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bells toll, it tolls for thee." For Whom The Bells Toll by Ernest Hemingway

Life is ebb and flow. It is never constant. Life is up and down. It is never steady. Life is a constant change. We are like mere puppets at the end of a marionette strings manipulated by fate. Who can say I am what I am and I am where I had wanted to be? Only fools say that. Nobody stands proud and mighty who can look up to heaven and say I have been what I decided to be and I have accomplished all that my mind has purposed in my life. We are like rag dolls in the swelling eddies of life's current, carried in the ebb and flow of the changing fortunes of life. Was it not so long ago that America stood proud and mighty among the community of nations? Now it has bowed down on its knees and the whole world bowed down with her. Only God is constant in the scheme of things. Only He decrees who would rise and who would fall. The high and the mighty have fallen in the weight of their own decadent lifestyles, leaving only memories of their once insatiable appetite for worldliness and pleasure seeking. Many people look only for the pursuit of happiness. But what is it? Only a vain clutching at straws set on fire at a mere spark of life's changing fortunes. We will walk this life but once, and many have succumbed to the pursuit of their own happiness at the expense of their souls. Is it worth it? Can a lifetime of "happiness," gross materialism, sensuality and the satisfaction of our cravings for sexual and sensual fantasies ever compensate for the loss of our conscience and the desire to please God and walk in His ways? Only time will tell what the real truth will be. Then those who sneered at people who obey God will have the chance to prove their lifelong obsession to live their lives the way they wanted to. But will there be weeping and gnashing of teeth when the Lord comes for judgment?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Internet To Heaven - A Great Love Story That Transcends Even Death

This is a great love story (an actual one) that transcends even death. I know Roy only casually in my blogging activities as the writer of The House of Puroy. I used to advertise at his site through Entrecard. But as I scanned all the other blogs he maintained, one stood out for its peculiarity. Roy dela Cruz was writing to his wife regularly. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, only that his wife has been dead for over a year now. The foreword of his blog- Letters To Mama really touched a soft spot in my heart. Here is his rationale for creating that blog: "My way of reaching out to my wife...even if she is already in heaven...I know that she can read this...cause maybe...just maybe...maybe, there's an internet in heaven." His wife- Nimia died of kidney complications on the eve of Valentine's day over a year ago and left him with three healthy kids. Now Roy serves as their father and mother, taking care of them as though his wife is still alive. You can sense the extreme loneliness and deep longings of Roy for his wife in his letters to his wife posted regularly in his blog and his earnest desire to someday see her again. I included three (3) videos here from youtube- two from Rated K with Korina Sanchez where his love story was featured and one- a tribute to Nimia. Please see these videos to actually sense the great and undying love of Roy for his wife. I assure you, it will be worth your precious time as you will be drenched in tears afterwards.

Rated K With Ms. Korina Sanchez - Episode 1

Rated K with Ms. Korina Sanchez - Episode 2

Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan - Nimia

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Miracle Power of Believing

We must be very careful in what we believe in. There is great power in one's beliefs. As they say, "you are the sum total of your belief." Let us observe nature for the elucidation of this point. The draco lizard can glide on water. Yet studies conducted by scientists and experts in animal anatomy have concluded that draco lizards could not walk on water. Another example is the bumble bee. It's body is unproportionately bigger than its tiny wings that scientists and experts concluded that it is impossible for bumble bees to fly. Impossible? Why not tell that to the draco lizards and the bumble bees. They are already powered by their beliefs and they defy the laws of nature and the wisest conclusions of the world's so called experts.

The power of belief works both ways- both positive and negative. So be very careful in what you believe in. Many a curses and witching spells do come true because the victims believe in their efficacy. Scientists and psychology experts say that we function only with about 10% of the potential of the mind. If we could but tap the unused 90% remaining, think of the incredible things we can do. That remaining 90% potential is lodged in our subconscious mind and there are times of extreme emergencies when this potential can be triggered to operate. We have heard of feats of superhuman efforts in times of emergency where a frail and seemingly unhealthy person could lift a weight 10 times its body weight just to save the life of a loved one from a smoldering fire.

The best thing to do is hook your faith (extreme belief) in the promises of God enunciated in the Bible and claim His promises for yourself. Believe in them with all your heart and see your life transformed from a mere spectator and reactionary to a wondrous eagle able to soar high in the atmosphere of God's love and protection against all harms. BELIEVE AND YOU CAN.

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla

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