Friday, May 15, 2009

Prayer Request For The Father of The Filipina Mom in Denmark ( A Re-Post)

This is an urgent prayer request for the father of Ana Lindehann of The Filipina Mom in Denmark who has undergone and will undergo again a brain operation. We request all my readers and friends to please join me in praying for them. Corporate prayer by the saints is the most effective tool we have that can help anybody in distress. Thank you all very much. God bless us all.


OFW nightmare - My Father Story

I always consider myself an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker because both my parents are OFW) even though I a migrant Filipino. Thanks to the new technology it eases the pain of being away from your love ones you can chat see each other through webcamera but NOTHING compares to pain when one is sick or in pain and you can not hug or kiss or just be there comforting each other awaiting the sad news.

My father was supposed to be ok and he actually was fine last Sunday, he wash the dishes but they have to perform another operation because they have to clean somethingthere is a swelling in his brain so he was operated for the second time last Monday but this morning he was bleeding so he was operated again. It looks like the doctors made a mistake .

Right now I feel so much pain that I want to join my mother and 2 brothers and sister in Madrid but I can’t do that right now many things is playing in my mind but I told my mother it’s beyond human hands we all need to pray because what I can remember is that all I asked from our Lord He granted all my prayers
For my blogger friends knew about my father

History I will post some pictures of him.

2006 during our visit in Madrid

2006 during our visit in Madrid


Our first christmas together as a family after 27 years

My son baptism 2006 in Denmark

My son baptism 2006 in Denmark

december 2008 with my youngest sister

december 2008 with my youngest sister

ecember 2006 with me


March 2006 My sister and my aunt from DK visited them

At the hospital Decemebr 25, 2008

At the hospital December 25, 2008

I can say that yes working abroad makes our life better and OFW’s are considered the new heroes by sending money to their families. Those remittances helps the economy of the Philippines but it’s also has consequences.

So if I can’t update this blog you know why.

Please Pray for my father’s recovery and our family to be strong in this time of crisis.

Thank you.

Ana Lindehann of The Filipina Mom in Denmark

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From Darkness Into Light

Are you wallowing in the shadow of darkness bedeviled by hatred, bitterness, contempt of others, envy, covetousness, lust of the flesh, greed for power and riches? If so, you are living a pitiful life. You have opened yourself to the invasion by evil spirits who share in the orgies of your sin. Have you not noticed that there seem to be an unseen hand manipulating you and exhorting you to commit sinful acts? It is as if sin itself has attained a life of its own and has cast a spell over you.

I should know because I was a victim myself of such enslavement from the evil ones. I was so young when I discovered that there were two forces at work in my inner being- one good, the other, extremely evil. I strived hard to live a godly life but on the inside, I delighted in the sinful acts which I relished so much but which left me with a frustrated and demented soul. Deep inside me, my soul cried out for liberation from the chains of evil that enveloped my being. I was misled to various cults and mysticism and I thought that led me to the path to God, but I was mistaken. The New Age doctrines seemed good and seemed to point to eventual liberation from the cycles of death and suffering. But they were all deceptions forged by the archdemon of deception. They taught about the hidden meanings of the Bible, the Lost Years of Jesus Christ and the Lost Teachings of Jesus Christ. They called themselves Keepers of The Flames and they are very right. They keep the flames of hell alive with their deceptive teachings.

I was rescued by the Holy Spirit as I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. Thirteen demons were literally exorcised by the Holy Spirit from my being and I felt as though a heavy load was lifted from my chest. Then I was ushered by the Holy Spirit into the valley of light were I serve my God for the remaining days of my life. Oh it was not an easy road to God's kingdom for the forces of hell unleashed its full might against me. But with the grace of God, I survived and overcame them all by the power of the Holy Spirit. Now I dwell in the valley of light inviting other lost souls who are still wallowing in the shadow of darkness. Jesus Christ is the light. He is also the only way, the truth and the life. Humble yourself and accept Him as your Lord and savior and He will usher you into the valley of light where you will attain salvation and eternal life.

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla

"Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts" (Hebrews 4:7b)


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