Thursday, June 19, 2008

24 Carat Gold Most Outstanding Bloggers Award

I give these awards to the following bloggers whom I admire most. They represent the cream of the crop as far as I am concerned. Some may not be that close to me, but I admire their blogging abilities and the success with which they have attained in sending their messages across to their readers. Congratulations to all of you and God bless you all.

1. Dr. Deb of Psychological Perspectives - For her invaluable articles that elucidate psychological issues and inform people accordingly.
2. Self Help Zone - For their practical articles that redound to the benefit of their readers.
3. Dr. Gwenn of Dr. Gwenn Is In - For her medical anecdotes that help readers understand the intricacies of the medical profession.
4. Solitaire of Psychobabbles - For her thumbs up and very intelligent articles.
5. Sameera of Sameera's Haven - For her wonderful short stories and erudite articles .
6. Keshi of Viva Forever - For her popular articles that are sources of excitement for her readers.
7. Fingertalks of The Home of the Talking Fingers on the Web - For her deep thoughts and inspired writing of articles that touch the heart.
8. Bluebirdy of Living- - 4 Hours at a Time - For her touching and soul inspiring articles even in the midst of intense pains and trials in life.
9. Marja Bergen of Roller Coaster - For her invaluable contributions for the upliftment of the spirits of her fellow Bipolar Disorder bloggers through her inspiring articles of faith.
10. Emmyrose of Just Let Go - For her heartfelt and soulful articles that inspire readers although she is suffering from Lupus.
11. Ian Lidster of Or So I Thought - For his erudite articles that cover all aspects of life culled through years of fruitful experiences in life.
12. Lena of Every Day is a Good Day - For her sensitive and emotional approach to her articles that do not fail to relate to her readers.
13. Preetilata of White Window - For her sensitive articles of poetry and short stories that are so poignant and inspiring.
14. Heiresschild of A New Journey - For her exemplary ministering to burdened flocks and her continuous blogging that show the Christian spirit.
15. Seaspray of It's a Wonderful Life - For her exquisite articles about her personal struggles in life and about the lives of her colleagues in the medical profession.
16. CapCity of CapCity's A-Musing - For her soulful articles that never fail to touch the heart of her readers.
17. Scribbit of Motherhood in Alaska - For being so generous to her readers and for always thinking what she could give to them.
18. Health Watch Center - For their educational and informational articles on health care.
19. Krystyna of Staying Young--and Healthy - For her valuable articles on alternative medicines and nature cures.
20. JLee of Jlee's Place - For her unwavering efforts to really entertain her readers and make them feel good.

These are my 24 Carat Gold Most Outstanding Bloggers whom I admire most. There may be others out there but I have to discover them yet. God bless you all and may your tribe increase.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

True Friends- Our Guardian Angels Through Good and Bad Times

True friends are diamonds

True friends are rare. They are like diamonds that are so hard to find and are very rare but are ever reliable and faithful to us. True friends are there through good times and bad times. They laugh with us in our happiness and cry with us in our sorrows.

In my life in blogging, I have never seen two people who are the best of friends and more than brothers to each other than Arthur of Arthur's Dream and Gusthav of Gusthav's Poll. They are one in a million who treat each other in a near perfect relationship as friends and brothers. I am privileged to call them my true friends. Noushy Shah of Bersama-masa is also a gem of a friend. She is always there for me through thick and thin. Sameera of Sameera's Haven is also a valuable friend for me whom I admire most because of her erudite writings, especially her short stories. How can I ever forget the valuable posts on nature cure and health tips from my good friend Krystyna of Staying Young...and Healthy. And I always say my prayers for my sick friendBluebirdy of Living... 4 Hours At A Time. If only I could help her to alleviate her pain and sufferings. Heiresschild of A New Journey is a source of hope and inspiration for me and for those she is faithfully ministering to. I admire the guts of my friend Emmyrose of Just Let Go who, although suffering from lupus, is trying to live a normal life and has been a shinning light for others to follow. I always have a soft spot for my amiable and crying friend Pia of My Life's Journey, who seems to be always struggling with her trials in life. I am always praying for you my sister. I have the highest respect for my erudite writer friend Fingertalks of Fingertalks- The Home of the Talking Fingers on the Web. I have so many other blogger friends whom I cannot mention here. I learned to love and respect them all and share in their struggles and trials in life. To all of you my blogger friends, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you all with His abundance of blessings and grace.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let Us Not Waste Each Precious Moments of Our Lives

We will travel the paths of this world just once, so let us make the most of our short lives. Each moment is so precious to waste in idle talks, disparaging remarks and negative thoughts. Let us spend each moment of our lives doing positive things, contributing to the upliftment and welfare of our fellowmen. Let us flash that winsome smile to each person we chance to encounter. Let us help each person that seeks our help to the best of our abilities. Let us comfort those who are undergoing pains and sufferings. Let us stand by our friends who are undergoing severe trials and deprivations. Let us spend precious times with our loved ones and show them how much we love and care for them. Let us show the way to the light to those who are perishing in the darkness of this world. Let us make each precious moment count by being a channel of blessings for God's love, blessings and abundance to our less fortunate brethren.

We cannot always help others physically and financially, but we can always pray for those who are in need of them. We can pray for our brothers who are sick and destitute, especially those suffering from dreaded and incurable diseases. Prayer will cost us nothing, but it will open the very floodgates of heaven so that grace and blessings will pour down upon the people we will pray for. Let each golden moments of our lives count.

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"Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts" (Hebrews 4:7b)


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