Friday, July 25, 2008

Live Each Day As Though It Is Your Last

Live each day as though it is the last day of your life. Savor each moment. Relive each dream. Focus on the joy of your heart. Each breath, each beat of your heart will tell you that it is so wonderful to be alive and happy and strong and well. Yes, life is so good. Why do we have to waste our time looking at negative things in life when there are countless of blessings and positive things we could focus on? Why do we fret on a love that was lost instead of looking at the countless love and caring that are showered upon us by our loved ones and true friends? Why do we rue the opportunities lost in the past when there are countless of opportunities beckoning before us? If we dig just deep enough, each sand will uncover a long lost pearl. If we just strive hard enough, our golden dreams will see its fruition in our lives.

Have we not felt so blessed that we have been born without any congenital defects to hamper our progress in life? And even if we have one, are we not glad that it is not worse than the defects and misfortunes that others have? For every misery that we dwell upon, there are so many blessings in the air waiting to be plucked if only we would notice them.

So keep your head up high and feel the sweet scent of air flowing through your lungs and live each day as though it is your very last. Smile and the whole world smiles back at you.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mud Biscuits For Meals, Anyone? (Pity Those Who Eat These "Foods")


This addendum was placed because of the message sent by my good friend Shiela (Bluebirdy).

Actually dear Brothers and Sisters, THERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO! There are reputable, HONEST agencies that help these people, and as little as $1 can get medical treatment for a whole family, food for a month, education for a child, vitamins to prevent blindness, or even leprosy treatment. When I had a bigger income, I sponsored 1 child for 60 cents a day, and sent it once a month, and it took care of the food, housing, education and medical of the whole family of that child! I can no longer do that much, but I can give a little.
I remember a Bible story and I wish I could find it now, where Jesus says it is good to pray, but if we are able to actually do something, it is sinful to just say "Oh pray for the hungry, and the naked" but to do nothing about it. If you are too poor to help, that is a different story. The Lord understands, but if the Lord has given you much, you should be happy to give.
Here are a couple of agencies you can look at to see if you want to donate.
Food and many other daily life services such as education, health, housing, clean water:
Here is one that gives poor people loans of $25 so they can start their own business and be self sufficient. When they pay you back, you can either take your money back, or use that $25 to help another person:
Here you can buy pig, chickens, cow, seeds for growing vegetables, so many gifts of livelihood:
There are 2 mottos we can think of. "If not me, who? If not now, when? -Hilell
"Think Globally, act locally." There are poor and starving in your own communities that you could help, and if you want to reach out internationally, those organizations that I mentioned help you do that too.
Look at the scriptures about tithing, giving 1/10th of your income to the poor in the Bible. Giving 1/.10th of your income is paying back God for all that He gives us. He is so generous He allows us to keep 9/10ths of all, and asks for 1/10th to help others, and here is His promise:
Malachi 3:10-Bring your tithes...and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Mud cakes are dried in the sun

Pretty shapes these mud biscuits are
Mud cakes and biscuits will be transported to markets for sale
There's just too much hunger in the world

This is how they process those mud cakes and biscuits

This tragic story and its accompanying pictures were emailed to me by my good friend and guardian angel- Shiela (Bluebirdy- Living 4 Hours At A Time) who, although suffering from lupus and other debilitating and painful diseases, have spent her precious time ministering to the spiritual needs of others. God bless you abundantly my dear sister in Christ. Before we partake of the sumptuous meals in our dinner tables, let us utter prayers for these people in Haiti and other impoverished countries in Africa and Asia whose main fare for the day are sun baked mud biscuits. So many food are wasted in America, Japan, Europe and other affluent countries, enough to feed these hungry souls who could barely eat one square meal a day. If you have money to spare, send them to the appropriate UN agencies that are taking care of feeding the hungry people of the world.

This kind of putty biscuit
is made from clay, salt and vegetable oil or margarine, Haiti people call it "the special thunder", price 5 cents
The local merchant transports with a truck one kind of unique soil from the middle mountainous area to each market place. After the women purchase the soil, they process the soil to make the biscuits at the neighbor's workshop.
They bring the barrel of soil to the roof top, picking out the stones and the lumps, then the soil is mixed with salt and oil. Afterwards, they pinch the soil into a small cake shape under the hot sun. The processed biscuit is brought to the market for selling.

An Associated Press reporter has tasted one of "the special thunder". He said that this kind of biscuit has a moist taste. After eating for several hours, the taste of unbearable soil flavor still lingers in the mouth. American Colorado State University immunology Professor Gerald Callaghan said these people believed that the pregnant women who eat the soil can strengthen the womb and embryo's immunity, to resist disease. But parasites and toxins in the soil can be fatal to the human body. Local doctors said that the long-term dependence on putty biscuit can cause malnutrition and diarrhea.
Haiti is one of the of poorest countries in the world, 80% of the population's average earnings is less than two US dollars per person each month. Eating of the putty biscuit is due to the recent rising food price.
To Fill The World With Love

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