Friday, November 27, 2009

This Is My Story

Picture of my family taken three years ago before my wife went to the US

My Picture (All our pictures were lost in the flood)

My Wife and I (Taken Ten Years Ago)

My Youngest Daughter Heidi (Taken Three Years Ago)

My Youngest Son Meldrick (Taken Four Years Ago)

I Call Her Princess Heidi

Princess Heidi At A Younger Age

She looks like a boy here, lol

Another boyish picture

She's still a baby here at a previous house

To those who still do not know me, I am telling my short story not to glorify myself, but to glorify Him who has given me miracles after miracles so that others may know and appreciate Him more through my story.

More than three years ago, before my wife went to the US to work, I was scheduled for three major operations that were so immediately necessary. But I had to give them up because I already used forty thousand pesos of the eighty thousand pesos medical insurance coverage from my wife after so many laboratory and check up charges. My wife had to resign and give up her insurance card so she can proceed to the US. I was then scheduled for immediate operation for acute hernia and prostate gland, for acute scoliosis of my lower back and inflamed thyroid gland. Previous to that, I had been through the portals of death so many times because of hypertension and diabetes that I already lost count. And through all these years, God graciously extended my life until now. I no longer see doctors since I do not have the means and they are just so appalled by my serious conditions. I just take my maintenance medicines for hypertension and diabetes. I could say that my life is just being sustained by the grace of God that every morning when I wake up, I thank him for the grace of life. I became the father and mother of my children and have gone through so many crises in life but through it all, God has been so graceful and merciful to me. More than a year ago, our house was inundated by chest deep flood waters and we barely escaped with our lives. But we lost half of our possessions. A year ago, I experienced the most severe pain and trauma of my life when my whole lower body became so painful that I almost committed suicide but could not because of the fear of the Lord and my wholehearted trust in Him. Three days after, I miraculously stood up with no pain at all. I could probably write a whole book to cite miracles after miracles in my life but all I can say is that, He is a faithful God who never leave me nor forsake me. And I totally surrendered my life to Him and live only to please Him and give glory to His name. May His name be praised forevermore.

For a more encouraging and inspirational stories of sheer courage, unflinching faith in God and the indomitable spirit of bravery in facing the extreme pains and traumas in her body because of lupus, fibromyalgia, vertigo and other chronic illnesses, may I refer you to the blog of my dear spiritual sister in suffering - Bluebirdy of Life- 4 Hours At A Time".

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

Hebrews 12:2a says, "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith." There is so much distractions in this world, so much false lights that bedazzle and blind our eyes to the true light of the world. We must have a steady focal point for our attention so that we will not be distracted and fall by the wayside like so many blind and blinded travelers on the face of the earth. Only God and His powerful promises can keep us from stumbling and sinking into the quagmire of the world's sinfulness and total depravity. We can live a very simple life, dedicating and surrendering everything to the Lord for His pleasure and glory alone. We can entrust ourselves, our family, our household and loved ones to the love, care, guidance and protection of the Lord. We can pray to God that He covers us, our family, household and loved ones with the precious blood of His beloved Son- Jesus Christ, so that we can be spared and protected against the unrelenting onslaught of the enemy. Prayers for ourselves, our family, loved ones and for those whom the Lord have placed in our hearts as burdens are the mighty force that enable angels to move about and battle the terrible schemes of the enemies. Mind you, most of the traumas, trials, pains and sufferings we are enduring in this world are caused by the evil ones who are so envious of the whole human race because each person still has the chance to be saved if he accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior and surrender his life to Him. Not so with the fallen ones. They were doomed to eternal death together with those they can mislead to their fate. So whatever the situation maybe, however grim and burdensome your trials maybe, just fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Let us claim His divine promises and the battle becomes His for our victory.

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"Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts" (Hebrews 4:7b)


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